Industry Norms and Standards

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Below are norms used in Dapro clothing, shoes and personal protection equipment, to guarantee your safety the best we can.

For details about the certification, norms and which of our garments are certified with it, please click “More information” with the corresponding norm.

General Requirements
EN ISO 13688 (EN 340)
Heat & Flame Protection
EN ISO 11612
Flame Protection
EN ISO 14116
Electrostatic Properties
EN 1149-5
Chemical Protection
EN 13034
Bad Weather Protection
EN 343
Cold Protection
EN 14058
Electric Arc Protection
IEC 61482-2
Electric Arc Protection
IEC 61482-2
Welding Protection
EN ISO 11611
High Visibility Clothing
EN ISO 20471
Solar UV Protection
EN 13758-2
Safety Footwear
EN ISO 20345
Personal Eye Protection
EN 166

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