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EN 1149-5

Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties - Part 5: Material performance and design requirements

This European Standard specifies material and design requirements for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing, including hoods and caps, used as part of a total earthed system, to avoid incendiary discharges, where the minimum ignition energy of an explosive atmosphere is not less than 0,016 mJ.

In the context of this European Standard, a total earthed system is one in which personnel and other conductors are connected to earth via a resistance of less than 108 Ω.
The material and design requirements do not presume adequate earthing of additional equipment worn or carried in contact with clothing, e.g. breathing apparatus, etc. If such additional equipment is required to be earthed, other requirements beyond the scope of this European Standard may be necessary.

The scope of this standard does not include electrostatic dissipative protective gloves or footwear that are separate and not integral parts of garments.
The material and design requirements may not provide sufficient protection in oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres.

NOTE Additional information about oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres can be found in CEN/CLC/TR 16832:2015 [1].

This European Standard is not applicable for protection against mains voltages.

EN 1149

This European Standard is part of a series of standards for test methods and requirements for electrostatic properties of protective clothing. Different parts are necessary, because of the various fields of application and materials.

Part 1: Test method for measurement of surface resistivity

Part 2: Test method for measurement of the electrical resistance through a material (vertical resistance)

Part 3: Test methods for measurement of charge decay

Part 4: Garment test (Under development)

Part 5: Material performance and design requirements



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EN 1149-5

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