Working hours update - Throughout 24-12-2022 and 02-01-2023

Working hours update - Throughout 24-12-2022 and 02-01-2023



Dear Dapro Partners,

It's been a wonderful year for us and it's almost coming to an end. That means celebrating holidays and the new year! Therefore throughout 24-12-2022 and 02-01-2023, there'll be less working hours for our staff and your representitives at Dapro.


Some small changes will occur:

- Physical appointments and/or meetings will unfortunately not be possible.

- Our email will be read, but any actions that are not urgent, will only be processed after 02-01-2023.


And some things will stay the same:

- You'll still be able to order and we'll process or send it out within 48 hours.

- With any highly urgent situations, you can all the same call your Dapro associate through their GSM number in their signature.


With that said we'd like to wish you happy holidays and an amazing new year!


Team Dapro

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